API: Definition and application

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What is API?

The Application Programming Interface, or API, is a way for users to connect with service providers' websites. An API also aids in the processing and transfer of data between the website and its users. The website's service provider determines the scope of data that users can access on the website. The data that the API processes is the data that users have provided.

With this feature, an API can be used for further programs and application development, which can greatly facilitate trading for investors.


How to set up an API on Bitkub

You can create an API key on Bitkub by following the steps below.

  1.  Log in to your Bitkub account on Bitkub.com, then click on the API menu under your profile, or you can access the API page from https://api.bitkub.com/.


  2.  Click “CREATE” to generate your API key.


  • You will receive an API key along with an API secret key which you can copy for further usage.
  1.  If you want to change the permission of your API key to send data to the system (Write), you can click “TOGGLE PERMISSION”, then click on the “Confirm” button to proceed.


  • You have to enter your 2FA password from the Google Authenticator application every time you want to delete or make any changes to your API settings.


  1.  You can learn more about how to install API and examples from this link: https://github.com/bitkub/bitkub-official-api-docs.
    - In case an error occurs, you can check the error list for the meanings of errors here.


  • When making a withdrawal, you must specify the network for all coins.
  • Please study the details of the API and how it functions before using the service.
  • The company reserves the right to provide an API service to facilitate customers. In this case, you acknowledge and agree that if there are any issues arising from using the API, including the leak (including sharing with another person) of your API key and API secret key (which are equally important as passwords), you will be responsible for the consequences or loss that can/cannot be calculated in value, which include but are not limited to your account, assets, or information on your account. The loss and consequences from the usage of APIs are outside of the company’s liability.
  • An API key can be generated on the Bitkub website only.



When making a coin withdrawal transaction via API, there will be a required string to specify the chain for the coin(s) to prevent the asset(s) from being lost or an error occurring during the process. Here is a list of networks that can be specified.

  • For withdrawal requests on ERC-20, please assign the ‘net’ value as ETH
  • For withdrawal requests on BEP-20, please assign the ‘net’ value as BSC
  • For withdrawal requests on KAP-20, please assign the ‘net’ value as BKC


For more details on other networks, please see this link.

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