What is Cortex solving?

Modified on Sun, 19 Feb 2023 at 10:27 PM

First, in the current Ethereum network, smart contracts are executed on CPUs of the computers, due to the coding complexity of AI models, CPUs do not have enough computational power to sufficiently execute AI programs. Therefore, Cortex is building a new public chain from the ground up, using GPU / FPGA on the full nodes to run AI smart contracts to ultimately reach inference consensus across the network.

Second, AI models are currently controlled by big corporations. The Cortex blockchain can decentralize AI with its Tokenomic model that incentivizes AI developers to share their models.

Third, the current Ethereum smart contracts are more like digital contracts. Cortex believes a real smart contract should be able to accommodate AI functions to provide an extension of our human imagination and allow autonomous AI evolution. For example, a smart contract that has the ability of image recognition or natural language processing.

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