How to withdraw cryptocurrency on Bitkub website

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To withdraw tokens from the Bitkub Exchange website, please follow the instructions below.

1. Log in to your Bitkub account.

2. From the Homepage, click the WALLET icon at the upper right corner of the screen. Then, choose MY WALLET.

3. Click WITHDRAW as to which cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw from your Bitkub wallet.



4. Enter the following information correctly.

  • A recipient wallet address (a string of English alphabets and numbers that can be checked on your service providers’ platforms). Please make sure to transfer via a network supported by Bitkub Exchange. (For more information about cryptocurrency listed on Bitkub Exchange and supported networks, please visit this article.)
  • Select the network you want to use
  • Memo/Destination tag (if any)
  • Withdrawal amount

Screen Shot 2565-08-16 at 18.32.33.png

5. Click the Review button, then the system will verify the security with two cases as follows:

Scenario 1: Passkey is not activated

5.1 In case the passkey on your account is deactivated, you must complete the following security verifications (depending on the type of recipient wallet and account setting):

  • Email OTP
  • Authentication code

5.1.1 Click Next to confirm the crypto withdrawal transaction.

Remark: If you withdraw tokens to a Save Address without activating the passkey, you only need to confirm the transaction via SMS OTP.

Scenario 2: Passkey is activated

5.2 If the passkey on your account is activated, you must complete the security verification by using the passkey only. (Please refer to this link for more information about the passkey system.)

5.2.1 Use your passkey registered device to scan the QR code and authenticate the transaction.

5.2.2 Click Next to confirm the crypto withdrawal transaction.

6. Kindly allow some time for the confirmation from the blockchain to be completed. (
You can check the details of the block confirmation of each token here.)


  • You can cancel your withdrawal request as long as the transaction is not yet confirmed on the blockchain (the transaction is marked 'Waiting'). If the transaction's status is 'Pending', it is impossible to cancel the request.
  • The authentication code function must be activated before making crypto withdrawals.
  • There is no fee for transferring tokens from a Bitkub wallet to another Bitkub wallet (internal transfer), however, the withdrawal amount must be exceeding or equal to the minimum withdrawal limit of each token. If your requested amount is lower than the minimum requirement, you will see a pop-up "Min withdraw" with the message "Amount too low for withdrawal".
  • Each withdrawal transaction will be deducted a transaction fee. You can check the fee for each token here. If your transaction is between Bitkub accounts, you will not be charged the transaction fee.
  • You can cancel a crypto withdrawal yourself only if it is confirmed via email sent from our system. (If it is confirmed by other means, you will not be able to cancel it yourself; in this case, please reach our Customer Support for further assistance.)

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