What is Worldcoin (WLD)?

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What is WLD?

WLD, or Worldcoin Token, is the primary digital token within the Worldcoin system. Apart from serving as a medium of exchange and access to various Worldcoin services, this token also grants users the authority to participate in the system’s governance, allowing them to influence the future development and operations of Worldcoin.

However, it’s important to note that WLD is designed to be inflationary. Although it has an initial maximum supply of 10 billion WLD, this cap can be expanded in the future to meet the system’s evolving needs. Worldcoin anticipates an inflation rate of 1.5% per year, which will commence approximately 15 years after the system’s earliest operation.

Regarding the token allocation, here are the details:

75% (Worldcoin Community) — Allocated for the Worldcoin user community, which includes regular users. The Worldcoin Foundation will oversee the distribution of coins in this category.

9.8% (Initial Development Team) — Reserved for the Tools for Humanity (TFH) team, who are the developers behind the Worldcoin system.

13.5% (TFH Investors) — Reserved for the initial investors of Worldcoin.

1.7% (TFH Reserve) — Reserved as a reserve fund for potential future needs.

These allocations ensure a distribution that involves the community, the development team, early investors, and a reserve fund to maintain the system’s stability and growth.

Interesting Facts about Worldcoin

Despite Worldcoin gaining significant attention as a novel project in the world of digital assets, it has also faced consistent criticism since its launch in late July 2023.

Part of the criticism revolves around the contradiction of Worldcoin’s claim to be a decentralized system while having a CEO behind it, which some argue resembles traditional companies. Another aspect of criticism pertains to data privacy concerns due to the use of The Orb device for eye scanning. This has led to reservations about the security of personal data.

Given these factors, potential investors should exercise caution and due diligence before investing in Worldcoin. Staying updated with news and carefully managing risk is crucial in any investment decision.

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