Hedera Hashgraph and Smart Contract 2.0

Modified on Thu, 16 Feb 2023 at 08:32 PM

Hedera also claimed that their smart contracts have been improved when comparing to other platforms in several areas as follows:


1. Always predictable Gas fee - One of the main concerns among blockchain users is that network like Bitcoin or Ethereum almost always have a volatile gas fee, but Hedera promises that their gas fee will always be close to $0.0001/transaction


2. Optional upgradable - Smart contract developers on Hedera can choose between immutable smart contracts for maximum transparency or smart contracts with “admin key” to easily gain access to make an upgrade or bug fix to the smart contract while also maintaining transparency. 


3. Fair ordering - Another problem that blockchain users definitely run into is how the transaction ordering system works. Most of the time, the miner will choose a transaction with a higher gas fee to confirm before a transaction with a low gas fee. However, transaction ordering on Hedera will always be processed in the order they are received.


4. Solidity community - Solidity is the programing language used in smart contract creation and is currently the most well-known language within the community. Therefore, by supporting solidity, the developers on Hedera can be expected to gain access to the best tools, advices, research, and use cases the community can offer.


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