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What is Bitkub NEXT?

Bitkub NEXT is a digital assets wallet developed by Bitkub Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. It can be used for digital asset transactions and storage, including cryptocurrency or non-fungible tokens (NFTs). You can also connect the wallet to decentralized applications (Dapps), such as NFTs Marketplace, DeFi, etc., on Bitkub Chain in the future.

You can now use Bitkub NEXT to scan QR Code and collect Fans Tokens including NFTs available on Bitkub Chain. You can also deposit Bitkub Coin (KUB) from Bitkub Exchange to Bitkub NEXT. However, withdrawal from Bitkub NEXT to any exchange is still not available as of this moment. Our development team is currently working on this matter along with developing the function that will allow you to store any cryptocurrency or digital assets from Bitkub Exchange.


Prominent Features

Bitkub NEXT operates on Bitkub Chain, a true decentralized and transparent blockchain for all. Unlike a typical E-Wallet where financial institutions still have full control over your funds, everyone can examine and verify all the transactions occurred on the Bitkub Chain. You can check the transactions on Bitkub NEXT by logging in to your Bitkub NEXT account. For the transactions on the Bitkub Chain network, please visit

Bitkub NEXT offers a Lite Wallet option at the moment. This option is convenient and easy to use for new users. Users do not need to keep their Private Key when using Lite Wallet. In the future, Bitkub NEXT will launch Pro Wallet (a multi-wallet system) where users can create multiple wallets and enable Advanced Wallet. For this advanced option, users can keep their own Seed Phrase and Private Key. However, Bitkub NEXT has no policy on supporting the transaction fees in Pro Wallet. We will notify you about the next step of this wallet and its fee once again.


Benefits of Bitkub NEXT

Normal account users (Lite Account) will be able to make the transactions including transferring Fans Token between Bitkub NEXT accounts with no transaction fee (0 Gas Fee). However, the company reserves the right to make changes without prior notice. Also, Bitkub NEXT will also allow users to open an advanced account in the near future.


Bitkub NEXT Registration

You can access Bitkub NEXT via or download Bitkub NEXT application via Google Play Store (for Android users).

In a little while, you will be able to download the application through App Store (for iOS users). We are also developing the web browser extension of Bitkub NEXT, which will be more convenient for users to use this service.

Once you enter, you can register your Bitkub NEXT account using only your email or Thai telephone number and verify the OTP. Foreign phone numbers are still unserviceable on Bitkub NEXT until further notice. Users will not be asked to do other identity verification (KYC) and there is no age restriction for Bitkub NEXT users.


Bitkub NEXT Limitations

Currently, Bitkub NEXT is in its early stage, and there are some limitations when using the wallet. However, the developer teams are working hard to improve these usage limitations so that everyone gets the most out of our features. Please read the following details before using the wallet.

  • Transaction limitation between Bitkub NEXT wallets
    • You can only transfer coins between your Bitkub NEXT accounts using your phone number bound with the account. You will not be able to use your Wallet Address to complete transactions.

  • Transaction limitation between Bitkub Exchange and Bitkub NEXT
    • For now, you can transfer KUB coins from Bitkub Exchange to Bitkub NEXT, but you will not be able to transfer KUB coins back to Bitkub Exchange. We will enable this feature soon. 
    • Bitkub NEXT has not supported other coins from Bitkub Exchange yet. We are working on it and will enable this feature soon.

  • Transaction limitation on Bitkub Chain
    • At the moment, you cannot transfer any coins from Bitkub NEXT to Metamask wallet. We will notify you once the Metamask wallet is supported.
    • Bitkub NEXT has not supported coin deposits or withdrawals outside of the Bitkub Chain yet. In the future, you could connect to other blockchain networks and transfer coins between different cryptocurrency exchanges and Dapps.
    • Now, you can only store Bitkub Chain-supported NFTs in Bitkub NEXT. Moving forward, you can store various NFTs from Bitkub NFT Marketplace and send NFTS across different platforms.

For any inquiries and issues, please contact

Thank you for your continued support and for choosing Bitkub Exchange.

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