What is the difference between TxID and TxnID ?

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  • transaction ID or TxID
    A transaction ID or TxID is an identification code for your specific cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal transactions. Each code is unique and different.

    Example: 0xb1106ee6cf903df1f26f802ed38ae8945a48afdd7067491111006151894a5c5f

    With TxID, you can track the progress and confirmation of your transactions in the blockchain.

    Transaction Hash (Tx Hash) or Txn Hash are common alternative terms that both refer to the ID of a transaction. They are used among different platforms. Some of the examples are shown below.
    • On the platform of Bitkub Exchange, it is called 'TxID' (Transaction ID).
    • On BKCSCAN, it is called a Transaction Hash.
    • On BSCSCAN and ETHERSCAN, it is called a Transaction Hash or a Txn Hash.

    How to check the TxID

    When a crypto withdrawal is successful, you can view your transaction ID via the following channels:

  • TxnID
    TxnID is a specific code for a deposit and withdrawal of THB and crypto withdrawal, which agents can use to check the information further for the users. Besides, TxnIDs share the same pattern.

    Example: THBDP0004428732 and KUBWD0001737412

    How to check the TxnID
    You can check the TxnID of your transactions in the transaction confirmation emails.

Type of transactionsTxIDTxnID
THB Deposit
THB Withdrawal
Crypto Deposit
Crypto Withdrawal


  • If you do not receive your cryptocurrency after the transfer shows successful for a while, you can contact Bitkub Support and provide your transaction ID for our team to check further.
  • In some cases, you may be asked for your TxnID, which is different from TxID. The TxnID refers to both cryptocurrency and THB transactions and has a specific format, such as THBDP0004428732 and KUBWD0001737412.

For more information with interesting screenshot examples, please visit Plearn-D KUB EP.7: What is TxID?.

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