How to open an account with Token X and reserve RealX tokens

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Before downloading the Token X application, please check whether you meet the following criteria.

  • You are a Thai national.

  • 20 years or older

  • Hold a saving account that is bound to the SCB Easy App

  • Have a mobile number that is bound to the SCB Easy App

  • Never open a Token X account by using the SCB Easy App before

  • A verified user

If you meet all the criteria above, let’s continue the steps below.

Step 1: Open an account and fill in your personal information

1. Download the Token X application at or from the App Store / Play Store. 

2. Click Register.

3. Read the terms carefully before accepting it and clicking Next.

4. Tick the checkbox to agree or disagree to give your consent for Token X to use your personal information for marketing purposes.

5. Fill in the referral code: BKREALX, fill in your email address, and click Register. 

6. Fill in the confirmation code sent to your email. 

7. Set the password and click Next.

8. Read the criteria and click Next. 

9. Click Open an account.

10. Click to approve the terms.

11. Fill in the OTP sent to you via SMS.

12. Read the criteria once again and click Next. 

13. Check the details if they are correct and click Next.

14. Fill in the code behind your national ID card and click Confirm.

15. Fill in your current address and click Confirm. 

16. Fill in the address as stated in your ID card and your work address, and click Next.

17. Select your marital status (married or single) and click Next. 

18. Fill in your education and occupation details and click Next.

19. Fill in your source of income details and click Next.
20. Complete the FATCA questionnaire and click Next. 

21. Select an SCB account that you want to use with your Token X account and click Next.

22. Select the type of investor and click Next.

  • Retail investors can invest up to 300,000 Baht per project. 

  • High-net-worthHigh net-worth or ultra-high-net-worth investors can invest without limitation.

23. Recheck all the information, tick the checkbox, and click Confirm.

Step 2: How to open a wallet

1. Read the terms carefully before registering. 

2. Read the conditions about password recovery and click OK.

3. Write down all 12 codes in order, make sure that they are written correctly, tick the checkbox, and click Next.

4. Arrange the words in order as shown in the previous step and click Next.

5. Set the 6-digit PIN for your Token X wallet.

Step 3: Complete the investment quiz 

Answer the 14 questions correctly (if any answer is incorrect, you will need to select another answer until you get the right one), and click Next.

Step 4: Complete the risk assessment questionnaire

1. Answer the 12 questions and click Next

2. Acknowledge the investment conditions and click Next.

You can find the video example of how to open a Token X account at วิธีเปิดบัญชี Token X: Future Of Investment

Once you complete the 4 steps, you can begin to reserve the RealX tokens by following the steps below.

How to reserve RealX tokens

For your benefit, you can complete the process at and fill in the referral code: BKREALX every time you make a RealX reservation transaction.

1. Click Start Investing.

2. Click Token.

3. Go to the Opening projects/tokens section.

4. Select the token you want to invest in; select RealX in this case.

5. Read the project details and click Reserve.

6. Select the token you want to invest in once again (select RealX in this case) and click Next.

7. Fill in the whole number of tokens you want to reserve and click Confirm.

8. Study the factsheet before acknowledging and clicking Next.

9. Read the terms and conditions before acknowledging and clicking Next.

10. Fill in the referral code and click Confirm.

  • You can type BKREALX in the referral code field.

11. Complete the payment via the SCB Easy App.

12. Wait for the token allocation from the token issuer.

You can check the video example: How to reserve RealX and token allocation or find more information at

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